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Just as with passports, Drivers Licenses also have a number of security features Just like passports, Drivers Licenses do have specific security feature that must be applied onto every card. These security features include holograms, special paper and special ink. We work with same kind of technology to produce our Drivers Licenses but they require less material. Therefore the cost is relatively less. buy real passport online.

Holograms have become a crucial part of passport and drivers license security. Now it is easier to forge the most complicated Holograms using various techniques. The most effective method is to do it with a Holographic stamper. While applying this method, a piece of metal is placed onto the hologram and then pressed with extensive force. Further, this piece of metal can be used as a die to cast new holograms. buy real passport online

Security ink is another crucial security features that worth considering here. There is variety of security inks used in drivers licenses. We work with thermochromatic inks that change its color when they are exposed to heat or cooled down extensively, inks that make different colors from different angles, inks that dissolve when dabbled with, and inks that either appear or disappear when exposed to UV light. We work with them all.


When you decide what documents you need real or fake, by answering following questions you can reach the right decision:

1. Do you need these documents only for camouflage purposes?

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